Solve Your Damn Issues.

Issues exist. People don’t know how to solve them, so they ignore them, pretend they don’t exist, or continue to discuss them over and over again.

What are issues? Anything that stops you from accomplishing your vision.

Here are simple steps to follow to feel better about your issues:

1. Write them down. Get the issues out of your head and onto paper, this will help you focus on the most important issues, as well as obtain the mental clarity to focus on one at a time.

2. Prioritize the issues. We cannot put the same amount of time and focus on every issue, so if we try to do that we will end up accomplishing nothing. As a team, narrow your focus to the most important issues, number them.

3. Identify the root cause. Take issue number one, define the problem, clarify whose problem it is, and break it down. What is causing this issue? Is it a people problem? Data problem? Process problem? Identify therootissue.

4. Discuss the issue. NOW start the dialogue.

5. Solve it. Solving it either means making the issue go away forever by making a decision or laying out the next steps to make it go away forever.

These steps can be used in any institution – a church, a relationship, an organization. This skill is critical to being successful in any of these things.