Get Your Structure Right.

Do you work in a medium sized entrepreneurial company? Do you feel the tension of growth, specifically within your people?

Who decides whether to fund a major new project? The CFO (if one exists) or the owner or both? Who owns managing the outsourced website design team? The marketing director or the engineering manager? Who decides what commission rates to pay? The VP of Sales or the CFO or the Owner?

Typically, as taught in universities across the US, leaders go to the org chart. They pour over who reports to who, and then analyze the stacks of data from their quarterly employee reviews. They ponder the strategic initiatives they established years ago (maybe) and determine who contributes to those goals and who does not. They spend hours in books and resources on effective but complicated analytical tools.

But, does that get to the heart of who they (you) should have in an organization and what structure should exist to solve those problems?

It does not. It creates confusion and does not allow for consistent hiring across the company or organization as a whole. There needs to be a simple but effective tool that defines the structure of a company like an org chart, defines the responsibilities that roles contribute, and how each role is accountable for specific metrics within that organization.

There should be only one owner for all major responsibilities and everyone should understand who owns what. If everyone is responsible for a project or task, then no one is responsible. An organizational chart with roles and responsibilities clarified is called an accountability chart.

An accountability chart is absolutely necessary for organizations to be effective and clarify so many of those annoyingly simple problems related to who does what.

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